Why Freeze Dried Food?

You probably think of freeze dried food as the stuff that the astronauts and soldiers eat but it is a really great way to preserve many kinds of foods. We found out how amazing it was when we bought our first freeze dryer and it quickly turned into a passion we had to share with the world!

Freeze drying causes relatively no damage to the nutrition of the food being preserved. Other baby foods that are canned use higher temperatures that can destroy more than half (50%) the food value. Freeze drying first takes the foods to very low temperatures then uses vacuum pressure and gradually warms and evaporates water out of the products. This keeps the closest to fresh flavor and nutrients!

With our freeze dried baby food all you have to do is add water, formula, breast milk or other liquid to quickly rehydrate the food. The packets have a long shelf life and don't need to be refrigerated which make them perfect for on the go parents.We do not add any fillers or additives to our freeze dried food so our product is also awesome to add to smoothies, soups, dips and more! This is not just organic baby food its for everyone! Be sure to watch our blog and social media for recipes.

Our baby foods are single ingredients to make introducing solids easy for babies. Many other foods are mixed flavors which makes it difficult to make sure little ones get used to foods one by one. One ingredient foods let your child learn to like veggies without being hidden in other foods. They also help parents filter out any foods your child may be allergic to. In addition, have you ever noticed how many foods have banana/ apple or other fruits mixed in with the veggies? We have more vegetable flavors for that reason. Get your littles started on the right track and open them up to savory flavors too!