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Banana Sweet Potato Dog Treats
and Avocado Sweet Potato Treats

We all want what is best for our fur babies right? Did you know that it can be super easy to make them treats in your own kitchen. There are tons of recipes out there. Most require the cooking of the veggies first though. These recipes take out that step and make this quick to mix and bake.





Grain Free Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sundays are all about brunching and pancakes right?! There is nothing I love more than a quiet lazy Sunday and some fresh fluffy pancakes. What is great about these sweet potato pancakes is they are grain free yet still light and delicious. They are also half the calories of a traditional buttermilk pancake..





Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Cookies

These are so simple to make and perfect for peanut butter lovers! The powdered sweet potato helps to act as a flour and adds extra nutrition.





Sweet Potato Kale Stuffed Chicken

We want you all to be able to get the most out of our products. When we say baby (and everyone else) food we really mean it. Everyone will love this healthy and easy comfort food recipe.