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We are so glad that there is a movement in health foods now. There are lots of other companies working to create better foods for babies (and everyone else). We are proud to be joining other great companies in the quest to help future generations have the best foods possible. We know you have options when buying and we hope to be one of them.

Why do we think we have some of the best baby food? Because we worked very hard to make sure it is the best it can be. When coming up with our products we wanted to make sure they were light and easy to throw in a diaper bag. We wanted them to be great for babies but also for anyone on the go that wants to still have nutritious foods. We discovered the amazing possibilites of freeze drying our own products at home and knew we needed to find out how to do this on a larger scale and bring it to the public!

Freeze drying fruits and vegetables takes out the water content so it makes the end product super light and easy to take. It also retains the majority of the orignial nutrients compared to other products that cook and puree them. Our foods are flash frozen, freeze dried and powdered with the least amount of handling and processing possible. We make sure they come from responsible organic farms and we deal with great organic certified manufacterers and packers.

Our foods will never have any added sugars, salts, fillers, additives or any other yucky stuff. Just fruits and veggies. We also strive to make sure we have flavors that aren't sweet. Many other baby foods are all mixed with fruits. We think littles should try savory foods on their own without sweet flavors to get used to them. We have single ingredient foods so babies can develop their palates and everyone else can have easy foods to supplement meals, make healthy snacks and take on the go.

After you babies start trying flavors on your their own you can start mixing them and adding them to other recipes to continue expanding their tastes. We post recipes often! Check them out!

Read our blog about "real foods" for more info about our products and shop for them here.

Quick recap of why our foods are the best:

    ✅ Organic

    ✅ Freeze dried to retain nutrients and freshness

    ✅ No fillers

    ✅ No additives

    ✅ No added sugars

    ✅ No added salt

    ✅ Light weight and easy to take

    ✅ Easy to make

    ✅ Super first foods for babies

    ✅ Avocado and Coconut for healthy fat and brain development

    ✅ Great for smoothies and other recipes





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