Avocado and Clay Facemask DIY

Easy face mask to make at home

DIY avocado mask


First, let me apologize that I have not put up any recipes recently 😕. We did several trade shows last year that took up a lot of time and life just flies by.

I figured I would attempt to start this new year off right and get back at it and get you all some new things to do with our foods ( besides devour them on their own)

This time of year skin tends to get dry(I know mine does). Avocados can moisturize your skin since they contain vitamins A and E, both of which have anti oxidants. Vitamin A is also a form of retinol which has anti aging properties.

Avocado isn't the only star in this recipe though, the Bentonite clay used to thicken the mask helps draw out toxins from your pores and reduces inflammation. Raw honey just like the avocado is moisturizing, full of antioxidents, and a also is a natural antibacterial.

After the hectic holiday season I am sure we could all use some relaxation and self care. This simple 4 ingredient mask is just want you need to start your skin off right in 2019.



Avocado Clay Face Mask DIY

What you will need:


How to:

  1. Mix it all up in a bowl.

  2. At this step if you need a little more clay to get it to a paste like consistency and help it from dripping off your face you can adjust those amounts.
  3. Spread the mask on your face to cover it. ( be careful around your eyes and mouth)

  4. Relax and let dry on your face about 20 min. (thicker spots will not fully dry)

  5. Rinse the mask of your face with a washcloth and warm water


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Avocado Face Mask






Enjoy! Let us know how you like it in the comments below.


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