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Ok, all food is real (as in in not imaginary). You got me there. I often think the same thing when I read marketing jargon on labels like that. "Now with REAL cheese"?! What it means though when food is "real" is that it is as close to its original state as possible. It's not chemically altered. It doesn't have preservatives, fillers, or additives.

If you haven't read the About Us yet I'm Melissa. I came up with the idea for this food last year. We (my business partner mom and I) bought a home freeze drier and I became obsessed with all the possibly of preserving fruits and vegetables. I don't know about you, but I have wasted a ton of money on stuff like avocados and bananas that spoil before I can use them. The thought that I could buy a bunch of fruit and vegetables and freeze dry them for later and they would still retain their nutrients really intrigued me. If you have followed our Instagram, you can scroll back to the beginning and see some of our original ideas. This has been a long project of passion.

First, we wanted to bring our ideas to everyone in the form of multi-serving packs. In the state of PA there is a cottage law that allows you to make and sell certain foods from your home. We thought we would fall under that law and did a ton of work, product testing, packaging and more. We apparently got too ahead of ourselves and learned the hard-crushing way to wait for approvals before you do things. The PA dept of Agriculture told us that we could not sell our products.

That was a real hit, but we didn't let that stop us for long. I quickly started looking for co-manufacturers and packers. Just the research process took a couple of months. Then, we had to negotiate and all that fun business stuff. Long story short after months of waiting on approvals, certifications, manufacturing and packaging we can finally share our products with all of you in less than 2 days!

Why am I telling you all the nitty gritty of the process? Because, I want to show you how much we care. I also want to say I believe more than ever that everything happens for a reason. These small easy to go packs are better than the multi serve because they stay fresher and are so perfect for grabbing and going. This is for all of you... the busy parents, the med school students, everyone on the go too busy to grab healthy foods.

I personally have struggled with many health issues. I think most of them stemmed from the poor foods I was eating. I am not even talking about junk foods. I am talking about grab and go power bars, yogurts, and other things I thought were healthy. When I started really looking at labels I realized how little actual nutrition was in the foods I had been eating. Full of sugars, fillers, preservatives and words I couldn't pronounce. Sure, you can throw a banana in your bag but then it can get all brown and smashed. I wanted to fix this problem for myself and share it with everyone.

Our freeze dried baby (and everyone else food) comes in small packs that are perfect to throw into your bag or even pocket! Always have as close to homemade fresh food as possible within reach and not worry about it ripening before you can eat it. We are always researching other flavors and products we can bring to you, but our first five flavors are Avocado, Coconut Mango Banana, Banana, Mango, and Sweet Potato,

Avocado is our star. We searched high and low for the right partners to help us bring you this healthy fat superfood goodness. Avocado is a great food for anyone. For those particularly like us on Keto diets we know the benefits of healthy fats. For babies it is a perfect first food. Babies need the healthy fats to help with their growth during the crucial first years. Freeze drying in itself is nothing new though our manufacturer has come up with an innovative patented process to allow the preservation of the high content of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils in these organic Hass avocados and coconut.

Clearly, we love our healthy fats. Coconut is amazing, but is better mixed with other flavors than on its own (IMHO). We took this tropical fruit and mixed it with mango and banana for a delicious healthy treat. It is my favorite quick and easy dessert. I know that a lot of fruits are not on the Keto diet, but I have tested my blood ketones and glucose after eating all of our products and it has not thrown me out of ketosis.

Banana, as we said before is one of our first flavors because of how quickly they ripen. It is also another popular first food for babies. In fact, it is hidden in many savory baby food flavors as well to sweeten it. Though I don't have kids yet if I did I would want them to try individual flavors first. While banana is easy on the stomach, controls diarrhea, treats constipation, helps in reducing skin inflammation and more I don't think I would want my baby getting used to vegetables having sweet tastes because it was mixed with banana. That is why aside from Coconut Mango Banana all our flavors are single ingredients. Sure, you can mix them if you want, but being single ingredients also makes them great for making smoothies and other recipes.

Mango is another tropical favorite of ours. They are high in Carotenoids which are thought to be successful in warding off the common cold. Mangos are also a great source of Vitamin C, B and fiber. I don't always have time for food prep and chopping fruits. These packets give the option to grab and go as long as you can find a source of liquid (like water) to mix it with.

Sweet Potato: we really wanted to start with more veggies than fruits. Turns out they are harder to source though. Due to trying to find organic and keep them less processed and not have to have multiple processing steps sweet potato is our first true vegetable. (Though avocado is savory it is a fruit/berry) Sweet potato is high in many vitamins such as Vitamin A, beta carotene and potassium.

We are going to continue looking for the best foods we can bring you! We hope you like our products and if you have any flavor suggestions or comments please let us know below.



I am not a doctor or dietician.The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.;





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