Coconut Mango Banana Mousse

dairy free, 2 ingredients



Happy Valentine's Day! Hopefully only another few days until you can place your orders! These days we are all so busy so we wanted to create you a simple romatic dessert you can make in minutes!

Coconut is such an amazing fruit/nut/seed!  It has many known health benefits that scientists are still exploring, such as omega-6 fatty acids, phytosterols, electrolytes, and manganese. It is high in a fat called medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. These healthy fats have been known to help with weight loss and more. Coconut is also high in fiber to help you feel full longer. Plus it tastes good so that is an added bonus!

Coconut is great paired with other tropical fruits and that is why we mixed it with mango and banana for this baby and everyone else food that will have you dreaming of warm beaches. I like to just mix mine and eat it for dessert but this mousse is a rich and creamy extra treat.


What you will need:


How to:


  1. You may need to refrigerate your coconut milk overnight to help the coconut milk separate. The brand I use (Native Forrest) does not necessarily need this step because the white fatty part is usually already separated. Below is what it should look like.


  3. Scoop out the top part into the mixing bowl of your stand mixer. Don't throw out the coconut water that is left it can be used for smoothies!

  4. Start whipping with a whisk attachment for about a minute on medium speed.

  5. Scrape down the bowl.

  6. Add in the packet of Coconut Mango Banana.

  7. Whip on high speed for a couple minutes until all the powder is mixed in. You may have to stop a few times and scrape the bowl.

  8. Scoop or pipe into serving dishes and top with your favorite healthy toppings! We used berried and shaved coconut. These are best eaten the day they are made. If you make it too far ahead you may need to whip again before serving.



What Are Coconuts Good For? 



* Nutrition facts include 1/2 cup mixed berries per serving



Enjoy! Let us know how you like it in the comments below.


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